The Silk Road: A Living History

This outdoor exhibition of photographs in London is by Christopher Wilton-Steer and documents the photographer’s journey along the Silk Road in 2019. Over a period of four months, he travelled 40,000 km overland by car, bus, train, ferry, horse and camel from London to Beijing traversing 16 countries. The photographer started his journey from London’s King’s Cross, and it is where the show is staged.

The Silk Road: A Living History runs until 16 June , 2021, on Granary Square in London’s Kings Cross, and is free to the public. Restrictions permitting, there is a full programme of publicly accessible talks and workshops at the Aga Khan Centre. There are also plans for an Aga Khan Foundation Silk Road Bazaar in the nearby Canopy Market area. For information and event updates, in regard to Covid-19 restrictions, visit

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