Discussing the history and practice of Zoroastrianism


Wednesday 9th June 

17.00 (London)

Organised by

The Iran Heritage Foundation


Zoroastrianism is one of the world’s oldest religions and the exhibition Epic Iran, co-organised by the V&A and IHF, will feature a small number of objects exploring the history of its practice in ancient Iran. It became the state religion under the Sasanians, who ruled from 224 CE until the Arab conquest in 651. Many Zoroastrians subsequently fled Iran to avoid persecution and settled in the Indian subcontinent, where they became known as the Parsis. 

Khojeste Mistree will give his take on some aspects of the history of the religion and its practice today, in discussion with Dr Sarah Stewart and Malcolm Deboo.

Tickets & info

This is a free online talk.  Registration required (Zoom)


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