Splendor of the Sunset: Iran of the Qajar Era

Splendor of the Sunset: Iran of the Qajar Era

Museum of the Oriental Art, Moscow

15 May – 25 July 2021

Splendor of the Sunset: Iran of the Qajar era | Museum of Oriental Art (orientmuseum.ru)

For the first time in Russia, more than 300 items from the richest Iranian collection of the Museum of the Oriental Art – paintings, ceramics, weapons, carpets and manuscripts, historical documents and photographs – will be displayed in one space. The exhibition will be supplemented with exhibits from the State Archive of Russian Federation, the Marjani Foundation and photographs from the Kunstkamera. Most of the objects are published and exhibited for the first time. The exhibition is divided into a number of thematic sections and explored different aspects of the life of Iranian society of the 19th – early 20th centuries: politics, and art, war and hunting, religion and everyday life. Naïve, charming, colorful and life-asserting Qajar art cast a gleam of astonishing splendor and fabulous fantasy at the sunset period of the Iranian Middle Ages.

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