The Mobility of Persian Artefacts: The Sanguszko Carpet in Motion

with Yuka Kadoi

British Institute of Persian Studies (BIPS) Seminar Series

Wednesday 20 July 2022, 5 pm (GMT)

Zoom Webinar

Originally woven in Iran during the sixteenth century, one of the most celebrated classical Persian carpets to survive today — the “Sanguszko Carpet”, currently housed at the Miho Museum in Japan — made an extraordinary intercontinental journey. It found its way to Europe during the early modern period and continued its journey across the Atlantic Ocean in the early twentieth century; furthermore, it went on an odyssey across the Pacific Ocean afterwards. In this illustrated talk, Yuka Kadoi makes a fresh analysis of the sociocultural migratory journey of the Sanguszko Carpet, while shedding new light on the mechanisms of cross-continental object sharing and networking across different oceanic spheres.

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