with Alka Patel

Invisible East lecture series with the support of BIPS

29th September 2022, 5PM (GMT)

The Shansabanis (c. 1145-1215 CE), commonly known as the Ghurids, have long been considered inconsequential in western studies on the medieval Persianate world. Despite forming a transregional empire, their origins at the peripheries of both the Indic and Iranian cultural worlds, and their demise prior to the Mongol campaigns (1220s CE) have relegated them to minor historical status. Relying primarily on the Shansabanis’ impressive architectural patronage, this presentation has a two-fold aim: Not only will we see the true significance of the Shansabanis as connectors of greater “Iran” and “India” for centuries to come, we will broaden our view beyond refined courtly elites to understand the seminal historical role played by far-roaming nomadic populations throughout the Persianate world.

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