The Louvre, Paris 23 November 2022 – 6 March 2023 This exhibition takes visitors on a fascinating journey to the crossroads of civilisations, in the heart of central Asia, in Uzbekistan, where Samarkand and Bokhara are household names. But many other trading posts in the region brought to light works of art that are now […]

Economic and Cultural Renaissance at Kartid Herat, 1251 to 1381

with Shivan Mahendrarajah British Institute of Persian Studies (BIPS) Seminar Series Wednesday 7 December, 2022, 5:00pm (GMT) Zoom Webinar The lecture expands on a theme from A History of Herat, from Chingiz Khan to Tamerlane, on Herat’s renaissance under the Kartid kings, an Iranian dynasty installed by the Mongols. Herat was ruined by Mongols in […]