A Handbook of Persian Calligraphy and Related Arts

https://brill.com/view/title/17106 Persian Calligraphy and related traditional arts of books make up the most important forms of Iranian-Islamic art, which are still living practiced traditions up to today. This volume puts together a first-of-a-kind handbook and contains the most important termini technici as well as expressions and techniques connected to the traditional art of Persian calligraphy (mostly Nastaʿlīq), […]

The Seas and the Mobility of Islamic Art

Seas and the Mobility of Islamic Art | Yale University Press ISBN: 9780300256888Publication Date: July 2021336 pages, 9 x 11 1/2120 color + b/w illus. The seas have long served as both connective tissue for and barriers between intellectual, social, and artistic traditions. Nowhere is this dual role more evident than within the visual and material cultures of […]


Volume 4, Issue 1 (2021) This issue features an Afghanistan roundtable, including discussions on Afghanistan, its history, and its connections to the wider world.

The Elusive Persian Phoenix

M. Compareti, The Elusive Persian Phoenix: Simurgh and Pseudo-Simurgh in Iranian Arts (Studia Persica 3). Bologna: Paolo Emilio Persiani, 2011. The reign of the Sasanian Dynasty (224–651 AD) received great attention in the works of Muslim authors who usually referred to this period as the “golden age” of pre-Islamic Persia. It is however worth noting that […]